Welcome to the

First International workshop

on Differential and Integral Equations

with Applications in Biology and Medicine

September 7-10, 2010

Aegean University, Karlovassi, Samos island, Greece

Subject and purposes

Differential and Integral equations are popular as models in Biology and Medicine. Examples include applications in Cell Biology: cell population, cell motility and molecular motor models; applications in Epidemiology: early childhood diseases models (measles, rubella, etc.)

Applications in Medicine include diabetes models, cancer, tuberculosis and influenza models, blood production and flow models. Also models associated with functions of various parts of the human body like the heart, kidneys, the pancreas, the eyes, the gastro-intestinal system, to mention a few.

The objective of the DIEBM2010 Workshop is to bring together established scientists and postgraduate students working on aspects of Mathematical Biology, Numerical Analysis and Computing, Biology and Medicine where Differential and Integral equations apply and to report on current research and future developments; the aim and hope is that the meeting will allow easier communication of cross-disciplinary ideas and will result in acceleration of new collaborations of Applied Mathematicians and Numerical and Computer Analysts with scientists in these two subjects (Biology and Medicine) which more and more rely on modelling and computing for further progress. A half day short course on Integral Equations will complement the works of the Workshop

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