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Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

In our Knowledge Society, the vast amount of information that drives organizations' and communities' activities imposes drastic changes on markets. The restructure of businesses towards capturing, exploiting and disseminating information coming from different sources, being in different grain size and in different modalities, in ways that are seamless to the performance of everyday activities in complex, unpredictable and dynamic settings, is emerging.

In this setting, the objectives of the AI-Lab include:

  • Empowering humans to perform collaborative activities in complex and dynamic settings

  • Exploiting and integrating information coming from different (and possibly heterogeneous) information sources

  • Capturing and Mining Capturing and Mining knowledge from data

  • Designing and implementing distributed cognitive systems for information exploitation and collaboration.

Information & Communication Systems Security Laboratory

The Laboratory of Information and Communications Systems Security (Info-Sec-Lab) includes seven academic staff members (Prof. S. Gritzalis, Asst. Prof. L. Mitrou, Asst. Prof. S. Kokolakis, Asst. Prof. P. Rizomiliotis, Lecturer E. Konstantinou, Lecturer M. Karyda, Lecturer G. Kambourakis) and more than twenty research scientists and engineers. Our security team is by far the largest in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. The members of the Info-Sec-Lab have been involved in several R&D projects on Security and Privacy, security investigations, audits, security conference committees, and security reviews. Most of the R&D projects have been funded by either European Commission Programmes or European Standardization Committee (CEN) (e.g. FP5, FP6, FP7, IST, STREP, Telematics for Administrations, ESPRIT, European Trusted Services ETS I & II, ISIS, INFOSEC, Healthcare Telematics, RACE, ACTS, AIM, VALUE, STAR, ORA, Socrates/Erasmus etc.) or the Greek Government (e.g. the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Ministries of Defense, Health, Education, Development, Welfare, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Justice, Interior, Data Protection Commission, etc.). Many other projects have been funded by private organizations (e.g. the Hellenic PTT (OTE SA), Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hellenic Petroleum (EKO SA), the Athens Underground, Athens Tram, etc.).

Members of the Info-Sec-Lab have been, also, active in the organization of international conferences, workshops and summer schools on Information & Communications Technologies Security and Privacy. These include: [1996]: IFIP/SEC-1996. [1997]: IFIP/CMS-1997. [1999]: IPICS European Summer School 1999. [2000]: ACM/CCS-2000. [2001]: IPICS European Summer School 2001. [2002]: IPICS European Summer School 2002. [2003]: IFIP/SEC-2003. [2004]: EuroPKI2004. [2005]: IEEE ICPS 2005 - SecPerU 2005, INC 2005, IPICS European Summer School 2005. [2006]: CRITIS 2006, IEEE ICPS 2006 - SecPerU 2006, IFIP NETWORKING 2006 - SecPri_MobiWi 2006, ISC 2006, TRUSTBUS 2006. [2007]: IEEE ICPS 2007 - SecPerU 2007, IFIP EUC 2007 - TRUST 2007, TRUSTBUS 2007, WDFIA 2007. [2008]: ChinaCom 2008 - MUSIC08, CRITIS 2008, IEEE ICPS 2008 - SecPerU 2008, IEEE WiMob 2008 - SecPri_WiMob 2008, Mobiquitous 2008 - SMPE 2008, MUE 2008, PCI 2008, SMPE 2008. [2009]: CSA 2009, CRITIS 2009, IEEE ICC 2009, IEEE WiMob 2009 - SecPri_WiMob 2009, ISA 2009, MCIS 2009, MINES 2009, MPIS 2009, OTM IS 2009, SCC 2009, SECURWARE 2009, SMPE 2009, TRUSTBUS 2009. [2010]: CHINACOM 2010, EuroPKI 2010, FutureTech 2010, IPICS European Summer School 2010, MINES 2010, OTM 2010, SCC 2010, SecIoT 2010, TSP 2010. [2011]: EUREKA! 2011, IEEE CloudCom 2011.

The main research topics within the Info-Sec-Lab members include: Secure eCommerce, eBusiness, eGovernment, eLearning architectures and services; Privacy Enhancing Technologies; Critical Information and Communication Infrastructure Security; Secure Electronic Voting; PKI Theory and Practice; Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks Security and Privacy; Legal and Regulatory issues in Data and Privacy Protection; Security and Privacy Economics; Medical Informatics Security and Privacy; Smart Card Technology and Applications; Voice over IP Security; Digital Forensics; Grid Security; Cloud Computing Security and Privacy; Security Policies; Security Management; Risk Assessment Methodologies; Intrusion Detection Systems; Security Education, etc.

Computer and Communication Systems Laboratory

The Telecommunications group, within the Department of Information and Communications Systems Engineering of the University of the Aegean, is very active in the areas of mobile communications, computer networks, broadband communications, network management and traffic control. The group consists of four faculty members with Ph.D. in the area of telecommunications, who supervise postgraduate research work of five highly qualified graduate engineers.

The group is entirely devoted to research activities and its members are highly qualified in their corresponding research fields. The group members have extensive theoretical and computational experience in the fields of design of communication networks, OSI architecture, protocol verification and simulation, analysis and performance evaluation, methods and formalisms for the description of telecommunication systems and services, network management and traffic control, non-functional requirements (Quality of Service, Network Performance, Monitoring, Security), interconnection systems design and integration, design and development of interfaces for heterogeneous system communications, ISDN, LANs, WANs, ATM, IEEE 802.11, GPRS.

Geometry, Dynamical Systems & Cosmology Laboratory

GeoDySyC, the Laboratory of Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Cosmology, is one of the oldest research labs-research groups of the University of the Aegean. It was officially formed in 1998 and is responsible for the teaching and research related to various directions in applied mathematics anf theoretical physics, with particular research emphasis on cosmological problems. GeoDySyC operates in the Department of Inf. & Comm. Syst. Eng. of the University of the Aegean on Samos. Members of the group have been responsible for creating conditions conducive for research in the areas of gravitation, relativity and cosmology, dynamical systems and differential geometry, on Samos over more than two decades and they have been in close and fruitful collaboration with various institutions and centers around the world including, Yale University, University of Cambridge, IHES Paris, and CERN.

GeoDySyC offers a number of undergraduates and various doctorate-level courses in the Dept of Information and Communication Systems Engineering and also for the School of Sciences on Samos. The undergraduate courses are: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, Physics I, Physics II, Mathematical Modelling, Dynamical Systems, while the doctorate-level, postgraduate courses that have been given by members of GeoDySyC over the years include astronomy and cosmology, mathematical methods of general relativity, dynamical systems, differential geometry, and theoretical mechanics. GeoDySyC is also responsible for the creation and operation of the Theoretical Cosmology Doctoral Program run in the department over a period of 5 years. Faculty members of GeoDySyC have also recruited two postdoctoral fellows and a number of PhD students.

Members of the laboratory have published many hundreds of publications in journals and conference proceedings and have been responsible for the organization of 15 international conferences and summer schools on Samos in the past two decades. They have also invited a number of distinguished scientists on to visit the department with extended stays ranging from a few weeks to several months. These visitors include Professors John Barrow, Dieter Brill, Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat, Steven Hawking, Demetrios Christodoulou, Vincent Moncrief, Vitaly Melnikov, Peter Leach and Ignatios Antoniadis.

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