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Ασφάλεια Κινητών και Ασύρματων Δικτύων Επικοινωνιών

Title: Ασφάλεια Κινητών και Ασύρματων Δικτύων Επικοινωνιών
Lesson Code: 321-10753
Semester: 8
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours:
Faculty: Kambourakis Georgios
Content outline

Introduction to wireless networks security: Wired vs. wireless network security, categories of Threats and the OSI model, Vulnerabilities, Countermeasures, Security architectures. IEEE 802.11 standard security issues: Authentication and authorization mechanisms, Confidentiality and Integrity, pre-RSNA protocols (WEP), TSNs (TKIP), RSNA (802.11i), Key management, Threat analysis and case studies. Mobile networks security (3GPP): GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE security issues, Network access and Authentication mechanisms, Key hierarchy and administration, Encryption, Integrity and user Privacy, Inter and Intra-network security, classification of attacks.

Learning outcomes

This course covers the major security and privacy topics in wireless and mobile networking. The main learning objectives of this course are: To conceptualize the idiosyncrasies of wireless terrain in terms of security and privacy; to impart state-of-the-art technologies of wireless network security; to analyse the various categories of threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures in the area of wireless and mobile networking; to familiarize students with the issues and technologies involved in designing a wireless system that is robust against attack; The course considers basic security topics and technologies in the following standards: 3GPP GSM/UMTS/LTE, IEEE 802.11. The emphasis is put on the security issues of MAC and upper layers. The aforementioned objectives are fulfilled through course lectures, paper readings, and projects.


321-3404 Information and Communication Systems Security.
321-9702 Computer Network Security and Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

Basic Textbooks

Kambourakis, G., Gritzalis, S., Katsikas, S., Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks Security: Security in Autonomous and Heterogeneous environments - Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, 802.16, UMTS, 2006, Athens, Greece, Papasotiriou Pubs. (in Greek).

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- Kambourakis G., Shabtai A., Kolias C., Damopoulos D. (Eds.), Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems, CRC Press, 2017.

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Final exam, multiple choice, short-answer questions, problem solving.

Assessment/Grading Methods

Lectures, Project, Study.

Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery


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