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Probability and Statistics

Title: Probability and Statistics
Lesson Code: 321-2402
Semester: 2
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 2
Faculty: Loukissas Fotios
Content outline
Axiomatic definition of probability, independent events, conditional probabilities, Bayes theorem, combinatorial analysis, discrete and continuous random variables, distribution functions, distributions of special interest: Bernoulli, binomial, Poisson, uniform, exponential, normal, Gamma, Weibull. Joint distribution functions, independent random variables, conditional distributions, moment generating functions, limit theorems, central limit theorem, strong law of large numbers. Descriptive statistics.
Learning outcomes
Comprehension of basic notions of combinatorial analysis and probability theory, familiarity with the basic categories of random variables.
Not required.
Basic Textbooks
Μ. Κούτρα, Θεωρία Πιθανοτήτων και Εφαρμογές, Εκδ. Σταμούλης.
Additional References
Τ. Δάρας και Π. Σύψας, Πιθανότητες και Στατιστική, Θεωρία και Εφαρμογές, Εκδ. Ζήτη.
Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Homeworks, tests, final written exam.
Assessment/Grading Methods
Systematic development and explanation of the theory (and through examples), methods of solutions of exercises, solutions of exercises in the teaching hours and in the problem session hours, final written exam.
Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery

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