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Θεωρία Κινδύνων

Title: Θεωρία Κινδύνων
Lesson Code: 321-2600
Semester: 9
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours:
Faculty: Loukissas Fotios
Content outline

a) Restetment in Probabilities

b)Poisson processes. Renewal processes.

c) Collective risk theory.Compound distributions. Approch of risk probability. Assumptions of development of extrem events. Security factor. Lundber inequality.

d) The classic model. The assumptions of colapse systems.

Learning outcomes

a) The Poisson process, The renewal process

b) The collective risk model

c) The classic risk model. Compound distributions.

 e) Theory of extrem events.


Probability, Stochastic processes, Calculus

Basic Textbooks

Politis Kostas  Introduction to collective risk theory. Publish Stsmulis 2012.

Konstadinides Dimitrios. Collective risk theory. Publish Symmetria  2012.

KonstadinidesDimitrios, Stochastic processes theory. Publish  Stamulis 3009

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Final written exams.

Assessment/Grading Methods

Lectures : 39 hours

Personal Study : 78 hours

Exams : 8 hours

Total : 125 hours (5 ECDS)

Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus Students)
Μode of delivery

face to face

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