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Βάσεις Δεδομένων ΙΙ

Title: Βάσεις Δεδομένων ΙΙ
Lesson Code: 321-3703
Semester: 5
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 2
Faculty: Maragkoudakis Emmanouil
Content outline

 Transactions and Concurrency

Database Recovery

Query Planning and Optimization

Paraller and Disctributed Databases

Learning outcomes
Basic Textbooks

 1. Elmasri R. and Navathe S.B.: "Θεμελιώδεις Αρχές Συστημάτων Βάσεων Δεδομένων", 6η Έκδοση, 2012. Μετάφραση από τις Εκδόσεις Δίαυλος.
2. Μανωλόπουλος Ι. και Παπαδόπουλος Α.: "Συστήματα Βάσεων Δεδομένων", Εκδόσεις Νέων Τεχνολογιών, 2006.
3. Ramakrishnan R., Gehrke J.: "Συστήματα Διαχείρισης Βάσεων Δεδομένων", 3η Έκδοση, 2012.

Additional References

 1. A.Silberschatz, H.F. Korth and S. Sudarshan: "Database System Concepts", Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010.
2. Garcia-Molina H., Ullman J. and Widom J.: "Database Systems: The Complete Book", Prentice Hall Inc., 2002.
3. Date C.J.: "An Introduction to Database Systems", 8th Edition, Addison Wesley-Pearson Education Inc., 2004.

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

 Work in classroom. Final exams.

Assessment/Grading Methods

 Lectures: 39 hours
Lab-based exercises: 20 hours
Personal study: 62 hours
Mid-term examination: 1 hour
Final examination: 3 hours
Total: 125 hours (5 ECTS)


Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery


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