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Στοχαστική Ανάλυση

Title: Στοχαστική Ανάλυση
Lesson Code: 321-3751
Semester: 3
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 2
Faculty: Leros Asimakis
Content outline

Review of basic random variables.Definition of stochastic processes. The Bernoulli, Poisson and birth-and-death processes. Simulation of discrete and continuous random variables. Markov chains, Chapman-Kolmogorov equations, classification of states, limiting probabilities. Mean time spent in transient states.

Learning outcomes

Modelling random arrivals by Bernoulli and Poisson processes

Probability calcucations in Bernoulli and Poisson processes

Modelling discrete-event systems by Markov chains

Calculation and interpretation of limiting probabilities

Generation of random variates

Basic calculations of reliability and availability



Probability and statistics

Basic Textbooks

1. T. Daras, P. Sypsas, “Stochastic Processes’’ (in Greek).
2. O. Chrysafinou, “Introduction to Stochastic Processes’’ (in Greek).

Additional References

1. S. Ross, Introduction to probability models, Academic Press, 2002.
2. S. Karlin and H.M. Taylor, A first course in stochastic processes, Academic Press, 1975.

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

5 in-class quizzes

Final written exam

Lectures: 36 hrs

Recitation: 26 hrs
Personal study: 60 hrs
Quizzes: 3 hrs
Final exam: 3 hrs
Total: 128 hrs (5 ECTS)

Assessment/Grading Methods

5 in-class quizzes

Final written exam

Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery

Weekly class meetings
Weekly recitations (devoted mostly to problem solving)

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  • 1ο Σύνολο Ασκήσεων
  • 2ο Σύνολο Ασκήσεων
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