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Title: Information Law
Lesson Code: 321-5205
Semester: 6
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours:
Faculty: Mitrou Lilian
Content outline
Law in Information Society. Introduction into basic terms and notions. Electronic acts/contracts. Regulatory framework of electronic commerce. Electronic/Digital Signatures: regulatory framework and legal issues. Consumer Protection in Information Society. Intellectural Property in Information Society. Software protection and SSL Agreements. Databases Protection. Intellectual Property in Internet and Digital Rights.Domain Names: Regulatory framework and legal issues. Computer Crime, Cybercrime and Penal Law in Information Society: International and Greek Penal Law. Computer /Internet Forensics. Legal Issues of Electronic Communications Sector: secrecy and confidentiality, consumer protection, services and licences, universal service.
Learning outcomes
Upon completion of this course the students are expected to:
1. To gain an overview of the legal and institutional issues which pertain to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
2. To gain knowledge and understanding of the regulatory context of ICTs and of the main legal rules and principles.
3. To Identify the key legal issues related to information systems and in particular to those systems and identify possible weaknesses and deficiencies.
4. To integrate their technical knowledge in a wider social, economical and institutional context. The knowledge and the understanding of these issues, the requirements of the socio-economic environment and the regulatory system are of major importance as they enhance the inter-disciplinary knowledge and approach.
Not required.
Basic Textbooks
1. Mitrou L., Law in Information Society. 2002 (in Greek).
2. Evangelos Papakonstantinou: Computer Law, Sakkoulas, 2010 (In Greek).
3. Sidiropoulos, Internet Law, 2008 (In Greek).
Additional References
1. Inglezakis I., Law and Informatics, 2012 (In Greek).
2. Synodinou T, Intellectual Property and New Technologies, 2008(In Greek).
3. Kallinikou D., Intellectual Property in Internet, 2005(In Greek).
4. Karakostas I. Law and Internet, 2003(In Greek).
5. Maniatis A., Information and Telecommunication Law, 2010(In Greek).
6. Botti-Kanellopoulou M. , Information Law, 2004 (In Greek).
Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Lectures, case studies, students’ presentations.
Assessment/Grading Methods
Activity Semester workload
Lectures 39 hours
Personal study 83 hours
Final exams 3 hours
Course total 125 hours (5 ECTS)
Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery

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