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Εκτίμηση Επίδοσης και Προσομοίωση Συστημάτων

Title: Εκτίμηση Επίδοσης και Προσομοίωση Συστημάτων
Lesson Code: 321-7002
Semester: 8
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 2
Faculty: Leros Asimakis
Content outline

Quantitative analysis of system performance, with emphasis on computer systems and networks, by mathematical models and methods on one hand, and simulation tools on the other. Poisson arrivals. Markov processes and their application in performance evaluation. Queueing analysis: M/M/1, M/M/c, M/M/1 loss, machine repairman, and more general models. Queueing networks, Jackson networks, BCMP. Discrete event simulation; generation of random variates; generation of arrival processes; simulation of Markov chains. Simulation software. Applications and case studies.

Learning outcomes

Basic understanding of mathematical and statistical models of computers and networks.

Understanding of major building blocks of simulation software.

Capability of statistical analysis and interpretation of simulation results.

Usage of the Arena simulation software



Probability and Statistics

Stochastic processes

Programming skills in C and Matlab

Basic Textbooks

1. Α. Pombortsis , Α. Tsoulfas, “Computer network simulation” (in Greek).
2. Μ. Sfakianakis, “Simulation and applications” (in Greek).
3. Μ. Roumeliotis, “Simulation techniques” (in Greek).

Additional References

1. Harry Perros, “Computer Simulation Techniques: The definitive introduction” (e-book).

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lab exercises (50%), written examination (50%).

Assessment/Grading Methods

Programming homework assignments, lab project or case study, final exam.

Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery

Weekly class meetings
Lab practice (6 sessions per semester)

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