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Degree Thesis

Title: Degree Thesis
Lesson Code: 321-7102
Semester: 10
ECTS: 30
Theory Hours:
Lab Hours:
Content outline

The dissertation must follow the layout specified below:
• Front page and accompanying pages. These should include names of Institution, School, Department, dissertation title, full name of the author(s), full name of dissertation adviser and committee members (if a committee has been set up).
• Acknowledgements. This includes thanking the people who contributed to the completion of the dissertation.
• Abstract in Greek (about 300 words). It should briefly describe the topic, the purposes, the methodology, and the basic conclusions of the dissertation.
• Abstract in English.
• Table of contents with a maximum of 3 numbering levels.
• List of figures, list of tables, list of acronyms.
• Dissertation body
Chapter 1: Introduction. It includes a short introduction to the topic and its significance, the motivation for and purpose of the dissertation, the methodology followed, and the dissertation layout. It doesn’t include results or conclusions.
Chapter 2, 3 … Their contents depend on the dissertation topic. If, for example, the dissertation discusses the development of a software system and its laboratory evaluation, it should include separate chapters discussing the theoretical background (previous knowledge, literature), the methodology that was followed, the results, and the analysis-evaluation of the results.
Chapter X – Conclusions: This is the last chapter of the dissertation. It summarizes and discusses the dissertation’s main findings. The conclusions must be clear and closely connected to the topic’s development in the previous chapters. Suggestions for future research should also be included.
• References. Full list of the resources that were used for writing the dissertation, as well as of the in-text references. The references should follow one format: APA, MLA, or Harvard.
Appendices, if there are any. These include extra information, which is not necessary for the dissertation’s development or understanding. The author can provide further information to the reader in order to improve understanding and/or provide evidence of the results.

Learning outcomes

• Working Independently
• Using the bibliography
• Presenting the thesis


Not required.

Basic Textbooks
Additional References
Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

The student presents his/her work to a public audience and submits his thesis to a three-member board of professors.
The final evaluation is done by the three-member committee

Assessment/Grading Methods


Semester workload


70 hours

Preparation of the presentation

 29 hours

Directed study

 150 hours

Independent study

 300 hours

Laboratory, Computation work

200 hours


 1 hour

Course total

 750 hours (30 ECTS)

Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery

One-to-one meetings between the advisor and the student.

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