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Title: Mathematical Modeling
Lesson Code: 321-9855
Semester: 8
Theory Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 2
Faculty: Konstantinou Elisavet
Content outline

The concept of mathematical modeling and its applications, modeling of stochastic systems and simulation of random variables, random number generators and properties, simulation methods for continuous and discrete random variables, synthesis method, simulation of Poisson processes with constant / changing rate, Monte Carlo simulation, statistical tests.

Learning outcomes

Familiarization of students with methods of simulation of random variables using Matlab, as well as their application to engineering problems. In addition, students will be able to understand the basic properties and applications of pseudo-random sequences and to simulate stochastic processes of discrete and continuous time.


Not required.

Basic Textbooks

Notes of the tutor.

Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Systematic development and explanation of the theory, methods of solutions of exercises, use of Matlab.

Assessment/Grading Methods
Activity Semester workload
Lectures 39 hours
Review-Problem Session hours 26 hours
Personal study 57 hours
Final exams 3 hours
Course total 125 hours (5 ECTS)
Language of Instruction
Greek, English (for Erasmus students)
Μode of delivery


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