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Department of Information
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Information & Communication Systems Security
Information Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Computer & Communication Systems
Geometry, Dynamical Systems & Cosmology

Full Name: Charalabidis Ioannis
Office: Lymperis Building, 2nd Floor
Phone: +30 2273082000
Personal Website:
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  • Phd in Management Information Systems, National Technical University of Athens
  • Diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

 Research Interests

  • eBusiness and eGovernment Systems
  • Organisational, Semantic and Technical Interoperability
  • eParticipation Systems and Methodologies
  • Methods and tools for MIS development, application and impact assessment

  • "Business Administration", Postgraduate Programme, 1st Semester
  • "Financial, Marketing and Productive Functions of Enterprises", Postgraduate Programme, 1st Semester
  • "Electronic Business", Postgraduate Programme, 2nd Semester
  • "Information Systems Interoperability", Postgraduate Programme, 2nd Semester
  • "Information Systems Investment Analysis", Graduate Programme, 8th Semester
  • "Information Systems Design and Development", Graduate Programme, 8th Semester
  • "Software Engineering", Graduate Programme, 5th Semester
  • "Internet Programming", Graduate Programme, 8th Semester
  • "eCommerce Technologies and Applications", Graduate Programme, 8th Semester


Committees - Administrative Experience
  • Marketing Committee Member (2009-2010)
  • Associate representative of the Department, at the University Research Committee (2012-)
  • Research Support Committee Member (2011-)
  • Library Committee Member (2011-)
  • Organiser, Chair of the Samos Summit conference (2010,2011,2012)
  • Organiser, Panhellenic eGovernment competition "Wegov Awards" (2010,2011)
  • Organiser, Panhellenic Startup Competition "Aegean Startups" (2011,2012)
  • Organiser, Students conference "Samos Symposium", (2011)

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