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Department of Information
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Full Name: Skianis Charalambos
Office: 2 Palama St., 1st floor, office A4
Phone: +30 22730 82228
Personal Website:
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  • PhD - Department of Computer Science - University of Bardford - UK
  • 1st Degree in Physics - Department of Physics - Patras - Greece

 Research Interests
  • Novel Internet Architectures and Services,
  • Cloud Computing & Networking,
  • Energy & Context aware Next Generation Networks and Services,
  • Management aspects of mobile and wireless networks,
  • Ubiquitous and pervasive computing and
  • End-to-End Quality of Service provisioning in heterogeneous networks environment 

  • Design, Development and Performance of Next Generation Networks (Msc Internet of Things)

Committees - Administrative Experience
  • Vice Rector (09/18 - 08/22)
  • Head of Department (09/14 - 08/18)
  • Director of Graduate Studies (past)
  • Director of Computer and Communication Systems Laboratory (CCSL) (past)
  • Department representative on the Research Unit of the University (past)
  • Member of the Graduate Courses Committee (past)
  • Member of Research Development Committee (past)
  • Member on the Self-Assesment Committee of ICSD (past)


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