Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου
Τμήμα Μηχ/κών Πληρ/κών & Επικ/κών Συστ/των

University of the Aegean
Dept. of Information and Communication Systems Eng.

Ελληνική Εταιρεία Τεχνητής Νοημοσύνης

Hellenic Society of Artificial Intelligence

Paper Submission

3rd Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Hellenic Society of Artificial Intelligence
Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering

5-8 May 2004
"Doryssa Bay" Hotel, Pythagorion, Samos


Download the program of the conference:   [PDF]

[Wednesday May 5, 2004] [Thursday May 6, 2004] [Friday May 7, 2004] [Saturday May 8, 2004]


Wednesday May 5, 2004

18:00 -- AI in Power System Operation and Fault Diagnosis (Sivylla Room -- Invited Session)

J. Katsigiannis, P. S. Georgilakis, A. T. Souflaris, K. P. Valavanis
Diagnosing Transformer Faults with Petri Nets

Z. Gontar, G. Siderator, N. Hatziargyriou
Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Radial Basis Function Networks

J. G. Vlachogiannis, N. D. Hatziargyriou
Reinforcement Learning (RL) to Optimal Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution System (RDS)

A. Dimeas, N. Hatziargyriou
A Multi-Agent System for Microgrids

19:45 -- Opening

Thursday May 6, 2004

09:00 -- Invited Talk

Phokion Kolaitis
Constraint Satisfaction, Complexity and Logic

10:00 -- Information Management I (Sivylla Room)

B.Gueye, P.Rigaux, N.Spyratos
Taxonomy-based Annotation of XML Documents: Application to eLearning Resources

I.Anagnostopoulos, C.Anagnostopoulos, G.Kouzas, D.Vergados
Precise photo retrieval on the web with a fuzzy logic/neural network meta-search engine.

G.Kastaniotis, N. Zacharis, T.Panayiotopoulos, C.Douligeris
Intelligent Web Prefetching based upon User Profiles – The WebNaut Case

T. Dalamagas, T.Cheng, K.J.Winkel, T.Sellis
Clustering XML Documents by Structure

10:00 -- Applications (Dido Room -- Short presentations)

I.S.E.Baxevanos, D.P.Labridis
A Multi-Agent Technology Approach to Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems Protection

E.Lympertos, V.Kappatos, E.Dermatas
Acoustic-Emission Source Location in typical structures using Genetic Algorithms

V.Koutkias, A.Malousi, I.Chouvarda, N.Maglaveras
A Multi-Agent System to Automate Human Gene Prediction by Integrating Heterogeneous Computational Tools

C.Giannoulis, G.Beligianis, L.Skarlas, S.Likothanassis, I.Hatzilygeroudis
Novel Fitness Functions in Genetic Algorithms for Human Immune System Simulation

C.Douligeris, P.Kostopoulos, G.Develekos
A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Congestion Avoidance Techniques in TCP

G. Pangalos, G. Vakaros, Ch. Georgiadis, I. Nestori, K. Kemalis
Dynamic Access Control Management Using Expert System Technology

11:40 -- Coffee Break

12:05 -- Information Management II (Sivylla Room)

A. Gasteratos, P.Zafeiridis, I.Andreadis
An Intelligent System for Aerial Image Retrieval and Classification

D.Kontos, V.Megalooikonomou, F.Makedon
Computationally Intelligent Methods for Mining 3D Medical Images

S. Perantonis, B. Gatos, V. Maragos, V. Karkaletsis, G. Petasis
Text Area Identification in Web Images

G.Nikolakis, G.Fergadis, D.Tzovaras, M.G.Strintzis
A Mixed Reality Learning Environment for Geometry Education

12:05 -- Search (Dido Room)

K.Chatzikokolakis, G.Boukeas, P.Stamatopoulos
Construction and repair: A hybrid approach to search in CSPs

N.Samaras, K.Stergiou
Arc Consistency in Binary Encodings of Non-Binary CSPs: Theoretical and experimental evaluation

G.Boukeas, P.Stamatopoulos, C.Halatsis, V. Zissimopoulos
Inherent choice in the search space of constraint satisfaction problem instances

14:00 -- Lunch Break

16:00 -- Machine learning I (Sivylla Room)

G.Potamias, V.Moustakis
Learning In-Between Concept Descriptions Using Iterative Induction

B.Boutsinas, I.X.Tsekouronas
Splitting data in decision trees using the new ‘False-Positives’ criterion.

C.Constantinopoulos, A.Likas
Efficient Training Algorithms for the Probabilistic RBF Network

P.Mylonas, M.Wallace, S.Kollias
Using k-nearest neighbor and feature selection as an improvement to hierarchical clustering

16:00 -- Knowledge representation (Dido Room -- Short Presentations)

I.Sakellariou, I.Vlahavas
Simple Distributed Filtering on a CLP Platphorm

G.Anastassakis, T.Panayiotopoulos
Towards a General Purpose Intelligent Agent-Oriented Programming Language

16:30 -- Cognitive Modelling (Dido Room -- Short Presentations)

Accelerating the Hamming MAXNET

I.G. Tsoulos, I.E.Lagaris, A.Likas
Piecewise continuous approximation of two-dimensional functions using neural networks

T.Palpanas, M.Vlachos, E.Keoch, D.Gunopoulos, W.Truppel
Time-Decaying Representations of Streaming Time Series

M. Sifalakis, M. Mavrikis, G. Maistros
Adding Reasoning and Cognition to the Internet

17:40 -- Coffee Break

18:00 -- Knowledge Representation II (sivylla Room)

E. Gyftodimos, P. A.Flach
Hierarchical Bayesian Networks : An approach to classification and learning for structured data

G.G.Rigatos, S.G.Tzafestas
Fuzzy automata for fault diagnosis : A syntactic analysis approach

C.Pavlatos, I.Panagopoulos, G.Papakonstantinou
Knowledge representation using a modified Earley’s algorithm

G. Antoniou
A discussion of some intuitions of defeasible reasoning

G.Xirogiannis, M.Glykas
Fuzzy Causal maps in business modelling and performance-driven process re-engineering

18:00 -- Intelligent Virtual Environments (Dido Room -- Invited Session)

R. S. Aylett
Agents and affect: why embodied agents need affective systems

D. Thalmann
Control and Autonomy for Intelligent Virtual Agent Behaviour

N.Avradinis, T.Panayiotopoulos, S.Vossinakis
Synthetic Characters with Emotional State

M. Gutierrez, F. Vexo, D. Thalmann
Reflex Movements for a Virtual Human: a Biology Inspired Approach

M. Lozano, F. Grimaldo, F. Barber
Integrating miniMin-HSP agents in a dynamic simulation framework

S.Louchart, R.Aylett
Emergent Narrative, requirements and high-level architecture

A.Ramirez, J.Blat
Aiming for a Roshomon Storyteller

21:00 -- Dinner

Friday May 7, 2004

09:00 -- Invited Talk

Katia Sycara
Dynamic Discovery, Invocation and Composition of Semantic Web Services

10:00 -- Machine Learning II (Sivylla Room)

E. Stamatatos, E. Kavallieratou
Music Performer Verification Based on Learning Ensembles

G.Tsoumakas, D.Vrakas, N.Bassiliades, I.Vlahavas
Using the k Nearest Problems for Adaptive Multicriteria Planning

A.Grigoriadis, G.Paliouras
Focused Crawling using Tempral Difference-Learning

G.L.Tsirogiannis, D.Frossyniotis, K.S. Nikita, A.Stafylopatis
A Meta-classifier Approach for Medical Diagnosis

10:00 -- Information Management III (Dido Room -- Short presentations)

A.S.Lambropoulos, G.A. Tsihrintzis
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering for Musical Database Visualization and Browsing

F.Kokkoras, N.Bassiliades, I.Vlahavas
Modeling Information Extraction Wrappers with Conceptual Graphs

P.Potikas, M.Gergatsoulis, P.Rondogiannis
Using Branching-Time Logic to Optimize an Extended Class of datalog Queries

A.Kritikopoulos, M.Sideri, K.Stroggilos
CrawlWave: A Distributed Crawler

B.Gatos, N.Papamarkos, S.J.Perantonis
Comparing Point and Block Representation in Computer Vision and Image Processing Tasks

M.Vozalis, K.G.Margaris
On the Combination of Collaborative and Item-Based Filtering

G.D.Magoulas, S.Y.Chen, D.Dimakopoulos
A Cognitive Approach to Personalized Web Directories

11:40 -- Coffee Break

12:05 -- Data Mining & Diagnosis (Sivylla Room)

G.Potamias, L.Koumakis, V.Moustakis
Gene Selection via Discretised Gene-Expression Profiles and Greedy Feature-Elimination

I. Christoyianni, E. Constantinou, E. Dermatas
Automatic Detection of Abnormal Tissue in Bilateral mammograms Using Neural Networks

D.Gavrilis, I.Tsoulos, E.Dermatas
Feature selection for robust detection of distributed Denial-of-Service attacks using genetic algorithm

L.Skarlas, A.Adamopoulos, S.Georgopoulos, S.Likothanassis
An Intelligent tool for Bio-Magnetic Signal Processing

12:05 -- Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (Dido Room)

N.F.Matsatsinis, P. Delias
A Multi-Criteria Protocol for Multi-Agent Negotiations

F.Makedon, S.Ye, S.Zhang, J.Ford, L.Shen, S.Kapidakis
Data Brokers: Building Collections through Automated Negotiation

S.Idreos, M.Koubarakis
P2P-DIET: Ad-hoc and Continuous Queries in Peer-to-Peer Networks using Mobile Agents

G.Maistros, G.Hayes
Towards an Imitation System for Learning Robots

14:00 -- Lunch Break

16:00 -- Machine learning III (Sivylla Room)

S. Petridis, S. J.Perantonis
Feature deforming for improved similarity based learning

K.Blekas, A.Likas
Incremental Mixture Learning for Clustering Discrete Data

S.B.Kotsiantis, P.E.Pintelas
A Cost Sensitive Technique for Ordinal Classification Problems

N.Ampazis, G.Dounias, J.Jantzen
Pap-Smear Classification using Efficient Second Order Neural Network Training Algorithms

16:00 -- Natural Language Processing I (Dido Room -- Short Presentations)

H.Kornilakis, K.A.Papanikolaou, E.Gouli
Using Natural Language Generation to support Interactive Concept Mapping

M.Grigoriadou, G.Tsaganou, T.Cavoura
Representing Knowledge in a Reflective Tutorial Dialogue System for Historical text Comprehension

M.Koutsombogera, A.Kostandinidis, H.Papageorgiou
Combination of Machine Learning Approaches for Error Reduction in POS Tagging

16:30 -- Learning Environments (Dido Room -- Short Presentations)

CULTOS: Cultural Units of Learning Tools and Services

V.Economou, Y.Kotsanis, K.Passissi, E.Trouki, T.Vlachos
“Young writers in …action”: a Web-based Collaborative Learning Environment for Creating Stories

G.Vafiadis, C.Aggelopoulos, V.Moulos, I.Pratikakis
Pythagoras: A 3D Interactive Geometry Learning Environment

Improving the Effectiveness of Interactive Open Learning Environments

I.Makris, I.Pratikakis
PROTEIN : A Procedural Textural Authoring Tool

17:40 -- Coffee Break

18:00 -- Natural Language Processing II (Sivylla Room)

G.Xydas, G.Karberis, G.Kouroupertroglou
Text Normalization for the pronunciation of Non-Standard Words in an Inflected Language

N.Nanas, V.Uren, A.de Roeck, J.Dominigue
Multi-topic Information Filtering with a Single User Profile

S.Afantenos, I.Doura, E.Kapellou, V.Karkaletsis
Exploiting Cross-Document Relations for Multi-Document Evolving Summarization

G.Dimitris, E. Dermatas
Part of Speech Tagging in Molecular biology Scientific Abstracts using Morphological and Contextual Statistical Information

A. Valarakos, G. Paliouras, V. Karkaletsis, G. Vouros
A Name Matching Algorithm for Supporting Ontology Enrichment

18:00 -- Classification, Machine Learning Prediction (Dido Room -- Invited Session)

S.Konias, P.Bamidis, N.Maglaveras
Efficient Mining of Uncertainty Rules using Adaptive Thresholds in Medical Data

S.Christodoulou, K.Hantzara, D.Kalles, A.Papagelis
Building Decision Trees with Components

A.Adamopoulos, E.Georgopoulos, S.Lokothanassis
Evolutionary Conditional Rules for Signal prediction

C.Berberidis, L.Angelis, I.Vlahavas
Inter-Transaction Association Rules Mining for Rare Events Prediction

I.Christoyianni, G.Georgoulas
Classification of Abnormal Tissue in Digital Mammography Using Support Vector machine

S.Daskalaki, I.Kopanas, N.Avouris
Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Rare Events in a Business Environment

M.Theodorakis, A.Vlachos, T.Z.Kalamboukis
Using Hierarchical Clustering to Enhance Classification Accuracy

G.Georgoulas, C.Stylios, P.P.Groumpos
Classification of Cardiograms based on Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines

A.Tsakonas, G.Dounias
Automated Expert Knowledge Base Generation Using Genetic Programming

19:45 -- Demo Session & Presentation of Group Activities

Saturday May 8, 2004

10:00 -- Intelligent Techniques in Image Processing (Sivylla Room)

I. Maglogiannis, E. Zafiropoulos
Automated Medical Image Registration Using the Simulated Annealing Algorithm

S.Ioannou, A. Raouzaiou, K.Karpouzis, M.Pertselakis, S.Kollias
Adaptive Rule-Based Facial Expression Recognition

B.Gatos, I.Pratikakis, S.J.Perantonis
Locating Text in Historical Collection Manuscripts

V.Tzouvaras, G.Stamou, S.Kollias
Semi-automatic extraction of semantics from football video sequences


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